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How much should I feed my puppy?


March 25, 2019

The first year of your puppy’s life is when they will be doing most of their growing and this is why their nutrition is so important.

The first year of your puppy’s life is when they will be doing most of their growing and this is why their nutrition is so important. Most puppies will undergo massive growth from birth to fifteen months, so the food they eat should help them develop to their full potential in adulthood. One of the best ways to help keep your puppy at their healthiest as they approach adulthood is to make sure they are getting fed the right amount of food to satisfy their growing needs.

Every breed is different

How much your puppy will need to eat will depend on their age, breed and individual needs. To figure out how much they will need, first take a look at the feeding guide on your dog’s food label. The Eukanuba Puppy range is specially made with high quality animal proteins and enhanced levels of DHA, necessary for the healthy growth of puppies of all sizes. Each of these products has an extensive feeding guide, detailing from six weeks to twenty four months the amount of food your puppy should be eating based on their weight. Generally, it is recommended to feed puppies three smaller meals a day. It is also important to monitor their weight during this time. Sometimes a lack of physical activity or a slower metabolic rate can cause a puppy to need less food than is recommended for them. If you become concerned that they are putting on more weight than is good for them, you may need to decrease the amount you are feeding them. Treats can also be a big component of raising a puppy, especially when it comes to training them. Treats should always be factored into your puppy’s daily calorie intake and should ideally not make up more than 10% of this overall amount. That’s why the Eukanuba Healthy Extras Puppy treats are tailor made for puppies and are designed to complement your puppy’s normal feeding regime.


Moving on from puppy food

When your puppy begins to reach maturity, you should start planning to transition them from puppy food to adult food. Puppy food is generally much higher in calories to satisfy their higher energy requirements and will usually have additional nutritional supplements to help them during their growth stage. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet about the best time to move on to adult food as this will all depend on your puppy’s breed, size and individual needs. When your puppy is ready to switch, it’s important to gradually transition them to their new diet by slowly adding this food to their current puppy food. Do this over a two week course by mixing their new food in, slowly increasing the amount of adult food while decreasing the amount of puppy food to minimise stomach upsets.

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