Best senior dog food for large breeds


Best senior dog food for large breeds

August 24, 2017

When your dog ages, their eating habits and dietary needs are also likely to change. Larger breed dogs can be classified as senior from five years of age and onwards, compared to smaller breeds which can be classified as senior from seven years. Looking into a diet that fits the specific needs of a larger dog can help play an important role in managing some of the health problems that bigger, ageing dogs are more prone to.

It should have fewer calories

Larger dogs usually have a big appetite, but as they age they develop a slower metabolic rate. This means it’s important that their diet has fewer calories but still manages to satisfy their appetite. Ageing dogs can have lower energy levels, so they no longer need a diet that puts this as a priority. This decreased activity means that ageing dogs are prone to weight gain and a diet such as our Senior Large Diet is ideal as it has a lower calorie content.


Best senior dog food


It should support their joints

Ageing dogs can be prone to developing joint issues, but bigger breeds are much more likely to suffer from joint pain. Large dogs have a big build that is supported by their joints, but if your dog is gaining weight in its older years, this can put extra strain on their already weakening joints. Many larger breeds develop arthritis as they get older, so a diet high in omega fatty acids can help promote good joint health. As bigger breeds need support for their larger frames and hardworking joints, a diet enriched with minerals such as glucosamine can help ease inflammation.


Senior Dog Food


It should maintain their muscle mass

Even though you’ll want to feed your senior large dog a diet lower in calories, you still want to make sure their diet contains enough protein and fat. These are both essential in maintaining healthy muscle mass and energy requirements. However, as dogs age they can often have some trouble metabolising food as efficiently as they once did. That’s why our Senior Large diet includes highly digestible proteins that are easier for them to absorb and utilise in their body.  

As your dog gets older, it’s important to consider switching them over to a diet that better meets their changing needs. Eukanuba™ Senior Large Diet helps with these new needs and can assist with joint health and prevent weight gain to make sure your senior dog is getting everything they need from their diet.